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Starts on Tuesday, 07/06/2022 - 3 units
Address: 's-Gravendijkwal 58, 3014 EE Rotterdam
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Individuation process. A three-day MoveMeant course focused on the process of Individuation. This one-of-a-kind course is an innovatory course that leads you on a path of self-awareness and authentic expression.

What is Individuation? Individuation is how a person develops their individual Self, which is the beginning of consciously existing as a human being. This process is a developmental journey where you will become more aware of all the Self's different parts that we divide into archetypes.

Individuation can be defined as achieving self-actualization by integrating the conscious and the unconscious. The process aims to become a person who's a psychological individual, which separates from the 'ego-centeredness' and individualism. The aim is to remove the Self from its false wrappings and the mask of the personality made up of the choices and patterns we created during our lives.

This knowledge provides us with an awareness that many of our problems are not unique to us but common to humanity. Simply knowing that we are not alone in our suffering can often have a therapeutic effect as it provides us with a new perspective. You can apply this process to any problem area in your life. All can be addressed through this process, whether you are experiencing conflict at work or not motivating yourself to do something. It is essential to know that we approach the Individuation process uniquely that incorporates movement and dance. We use both the body and mind to gain awareness of how we are made up.


7 June - Day 1: Ego Structures & MoveMeant Layer of Power

8 June - Day2: Ego Archetypes & MoveMeant Layer of Symbols

9 June - Day 3: Self Reflection and Timeline

Times: 18.00h - 22.00h

The MoveMeant Method makes use of Layers. Every layer represents an area of life within the human experience. Also, every layer is linked to a specific kind of way of moving and a corresponding element.

Amenti is a community-based organization where we focus on becoming more Self-aware through movement, dance, and knowledge. We strive to embody our spirit instead of spiritualizing the body. The foundation of our philosophy is our Movemeant Method, through which we can become more aware of our subconscious patterns in both body and mind. Via our psychosomatic medicine and our young, urban holistic approach to life we aim to connect with others, bring more harmony within our societies and open up the conversation about our mental health and the connection between body and mind. You can learn with and from us through our workshops, courses, intensives, retreats, and events.

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Amenti MoveMeant


1.07/06/202218:00 - 22:00's-Gravendijkwal 58, 3014 EE RotterdamAmenti MoveMeant
2.08/06/202218:00 - 22:00's-Gravendijkwal 58, 3014 EE RotterdamAmenti MoveMeant
3.09/06/202218:00 - 22:00's-Gravendijkwal 58, 3014 EE RotterdamAmenti MoveMeant

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