Cursus: Soul Sedructress #4 - The Priestess (on location!)

Starts on Tuesday, 02/06/2020 - 4 units
Address: Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB Amsterdam
Price: 0.00 €


This course will take place in the rasalila studio in Amsterdam.

Due to COVID19 take your own mat to practice on. Make sure you have booked your course online and arrive on the location in time. Come to the studio fully dressed for the occasion as the dressing room is not open.

She works through the mysterious depths of the feminine. Her every movement revealing the force she holds within. The force of knowing shadow and light. Of knowing how to create her passion from her pain. She is familiar with the alchemy of connecting heart and yoni; the doorway into ecstasy, sacred eroticism & the path of the divine feminine.

The path of the Priestess is one of intuition and devotion. She who is devoted to her Soul's mission above all else, has no concern for judgement any more.

Learn: Yoni yoga Shakti Tantra Tantric Rituals To control your frequency Surrender to what wants to be created Embody your unique self Use states of trance to channel Sharpen intuition Biodynamic Therapy

For who: This if for you if you feel like you have a calling or deep longing to work with the archetype of the priestess. If you haven't experienced any of Ariana's work or any similar workshops/courses, please contact us.

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Ariana Norcia
I graduated as a dance teacher, received training in biodynamic therapy, mindfulness and Shakti Tantra. Yet my most valuable tools are those I could not study for and came in ways I couldn't have imagined. I approach embodied living through the arts of seduction, dance, tantra & therapy. Using my qualities of intuition, sensitivity and empathy to attune. My longing is to convey soulful expression through the flesh of our bodies.


1.02/06/202020:30 - 22:00Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB AmsterdamAriana Norcia
2.09/06/202020:30 - 22:00Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB AmsterdamAriana Norcia
3.16/06/202020:30 - 22:00Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB AmsterdamAriana Norcia
4.23/06/202020:30 - 22:00Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB AmsterdamAriana Norcia

Cancellation conditions

You can cancel free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the course