Cursus: The Witch #1- A Course in Magic

Starts on Saturday, 13/03/2021 - 3 units
Address: Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB Amsterdam
Price: 97.50 €


97.50 €The Witch #1 - A Course in Magic  


What if you could cross easily between the seen and the unseen worlds? If you knew how to work magic to create your world in alignment with your intention, wisdom and desire? Do you want to discover your highest truth, and live it every day by accessing your intuition? Do you desire to work in harmony with nature, its cycles, and the energies of the universe?

This is the life of a Witch. If you hear the call, this course is for you. I invite you to join me to learn the Art of Witchcraft. We will meet for three gatherings of ritual and teachings that will sing to and nourish your soul.

Witches are interfaces between seen and unseen worlds. They know how to access their intuition, work magic to co-create the world and forge their own lives with intention and wisdom. They practice living in alignment with their highest truth and the natural energies of the universe. Witches know how to weave their own reality.

Learn the deep connection our ancestors had with life.

Discover how to work magic in a practical way that you can apply to your life immediately, even after the first class. Experience the beauty of your life. Learn that magic is real, here and now, and you can access it whenever you wish. Allow me take you through the gates of enchantment. You will discover your own powerful magic.

Experience first, believe later.

This class is for those who are curious and new to it all, as much as it is for those who have been around the block a few times. The content has been inspired by my teachers, The WildWood Tradition, Feri, Reclaiming Witchcraft and a decade of formal study and practice. It has poured through my being to create a true work of love, with the intention of offering you something that is as unique as it is excellent. I am in service to your path and my goal above all is for you to trust yourself and discover the power of your personal magic.

Class 1: Truth - In the first ritual you will come into alignment with your highest truth, beyond the stories you have shaped to describe your life. You will connect to your wisdom, purpose and clarity, and learn how to implement this in all areas of your life. Magic is not something separate, it can infuse every breath we take with its energy.

Class 2: Wisdom - After passing through the gates to align with your highest truth, you will learn to listen and perceive This ritual will teach you the foundations of the art of reading the signs of nature and the universe. There are many tools that witches use to connect to what was, is and shall be. This class will teach you how to use a few of them, as well as the most important lesson I have learned for accessing wisdom.

Class 3: Love - When we are deeply connected to the star that shines within us, the planet we call our home, and the universe around us, we are able to co-create life with intention, as an act of love. In the third and final ritual, you will learn how to make magic as an act of love, and how to weave the web of life with your love.

Included in the Course:

  • Recorded meditations made especially for course participants
  • Practices to do at home, e-mailed to you with detailed instructions?
  • Lesson 3 includes a surprise gift
  • E-mail support between sessions
  • Active e-mail group for connecting with other students
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Pipaluk Universe
Pipaluk Universe is the founder of, a company dedicated to closing the gap between daily life and experienced spiritual and magical practices and disciplines that are free from necessitating belief or adherence to dogma, thereby making them accessible to everyone. With global and local threats, personal stress and anxieties that humans face on a daily basis, magical practices and a strong spiritual foundation are more relevant than ever both on a personal scale and in the effort to ensure the survival of the human race in the future. We need ways to adapt to a world that is changing at an ever increasing speed, not only externally but also internally. We need practices that help us remember that what we experience internally is a reflection of what we experience externally and vice versa. We need to not only understand this intellectually, but also know this in our bodies and all layers of our being and consciousness. Humans are but one part of the universe and therefore it is important to remember not everything is in our control. What we can do is negotiate, communicate, open up and perceive the wild and mysterious. With magic and witchcraft we can co-create and weave along with the web of reality, stepping into our sovereignty on the journey to knowing ourselves. Side effects may include a strong sense of purpose, an inner drive to be powerful with the world, a sense of wonder permeating life, a deep connection, intimate relationships, experiencing the creative forces of life and knowing how to work with them, choosing work that is fulfilling, an inner experience of success, clarity, inner stability, knowing how to make necessary changes in life… this, and much more. Pipaluk teaches a private one year witchcraft apprenticeship, coaches clients through powerful life transformations and reads tarot cards professionally. All her services are available in person and online. Pipaluk Universe also teaches courses, workshops and retreats internationally, in Amsterdam and online. Together with Fabula Rosa in Amsterdam she co-founded Tarocks is a website with a large online store that sells old, rare and new tarot and oracle cards. Tarocks also has an expansive and super nerdy blog and a newsletter that feature interesting and historically important tarot cards and related discoveries with detailed photos and descriptions.


1.13/03/202115:30 - 18:00Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB AmsterdamPipaluk Universe
2.20/03/202115:30 - 18:00Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB AmsterdamPipaluk Universe
3.27/03/202115:30 - 18:00Tweede Kostverlorenkade 67, 1053 SB AmsterdamPipaluk Universe

Cancellation conditions

You can cancel free of charge up to 72 hours before the start of the course.