Flexibility workshop Front Split

Studio Nienke
at 06/03/2022 10:30-12:00 o'clock (90 min)
Address: Het Sander 43, 7522 AL Enschede
Price: from 20.00 €
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All levels are welcome!

Class Description: Are you tired of trying to get into a front split and not being able to? Do you want to be able to understand what is going wrong? Already have your splits, but want to know where to go next? I breakdown the technique for the splits working all the way through our legs and back. In the class we will cover how your femoral and sciatic nerve can interfere with your progress and how to overcome nerve pain. You will learn more about your fascia, joint lubrication, active splits. You will learn the difference between closed and open splits and how to use each to your advantage. For those who are more advanced we will progress your over split and split shapes.

Teacher: Sage is a 27 year old American PhD student at the University of Twente. During the pandemic she began learning contortion from the world renowned contortionist, Hannah Finn. She has trained over a hundred hours of contortion and learned how to communicate and understand advanced flexibility training. She is certified by XPERT Fitness to teach Flexibility Flow and Pole 1&2. Sage began teaching exercise and stretching classes when she was 11 to her family on vacations. May 2021 she began teaching online classes to students all over the world. She loves helping people better understand their bodies and safely reach their personal goals.'

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Cancellation conditions

You can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours the start of the workshop.