Baby + Me Pilates *From 13/03 book this class on The Cosmos West schedule as it will no longer be on this schedule!

Studio 191 West
at 31/03/2022 11:45-12:45 o'clock (60 min)
City: Jan Hanzenstraat 54, 1053 ST Amsterdam
Price: from 79.00 €
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79.00 € / monthANYTIME 8 @ Studio 191 & The Cosmos (Membership does not include Reformer - Members enjoy discounted single Reformer class rate)  
99.00 € / monthANYTIME 12 @ Studio 191 & The Cosmos (Membership - does not include Reformer - Members enjoy discounted single Reformer class rate)  
144.00 € / monthEVERYTHING 12 @ Studio 191 & The Cosmos - (Membership includes Reformer)  


  • Designed for rebuilding strength, alignment, posture and tone in postpartum phase. 
  • Pregnant women with an existing practice are welcome (however this class is stronger than our specifically prenatal-focused ‘Prenatal Postnatal’ classes). 
  • Mamas can bring their babies to this class (no childcare needed) or attend solo. 

Baby + Me Pilates is a great way to workout with the company of your baby! We use: professional mats for ultimate support, various strength resistance bands, weighted balls and dumbbells, as well as pilates rings. The combination of specific movements, safely tailored to restrengthening the postpartum body, and professional guidance from our teachers will assist you in getting back in shape quickly and safely.

Furthermore, this class is fun, fun, fun. With motivating tunes, some giggles as your muscles begin to shake and your abdominals come to life again! You will certainly feel that you worked your body and with a focus on legs, bums and tums - we try to save your arms so that you can still carry your little one without too much muscle pain.

Please note that this class is more focused on mama than baby. This is a great option for women who would like to see and feel results quickly through a Pilates workout - but who also like the idea of bringing their baby to workouts and involving them in interactive exercises and stretches.

Experience: Suitable for all levels. Postnatal women are welcome with or without baby. Prenatal women with experience in practicing Pilates (or similar) are also welcome.

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Cancellation conditions

You can cancel your class up to 4h before the start of the class.