Meditation class (Daria)

Studio Balance
at 07/07/2022 09:30-10:30 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Rijnstraat 63h, 1079GW Amsterdam
Price: from 81.50 €
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81.50 € / monthUnlimited Yearly  
89.00 € / monthUnlimited Monthly Membership  


We will start this meditation class with some gentle movements on the mat to (re)connect with our bodies, then we will move into a breathing technique to balance the nervous system and then we will follow with a seated meditation.

The class is open for all levels, from beginners to advanced meditators.

You will leave the studio feeling more calm and with more space in both body and mind as well as with tools to apply in your daily lives outside of the studio.

This class is for everyone who could use a moment to ground: - if you happen to have a difficult or busy week - if you're going through something personal - if you're feeling anxious or stressed - or if you simply are looking for a moment to reflect and look inward

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Cancellation conditions

Students can cancel their booking until 6 hours before the Class starts. The Student can only cancel through the Website or the Eversports App.