Flink Studio
at 10/11/2019 12:15-13:15 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Jan Tooropstraat 8, 1062BM Amsterdam
Price: 65.00 €


65.00 € / monthFlink Unlimited  


This class combines both yin and yang elements of yoga: you get to work on the connective tissue and on the muscles in one class! It is an active yang movement beautifully merged with floor-based poses of yin yoga that you will hold for 3-5 minutes. Come to find your calm with us! All levels welcomed!

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I get this question the most: What kind of Yoga do you teach? I am ever curious about anatomy and understanding the human body and mind. I share a playful kind of Yoga in which we seek balance – soft and strong, powerful yet relaxing. In my classes we can laugh and experiment with movement. Let’s discover together how movement and meditation can help us become stronger, healthier beings. With me you can practice an accessible, healthy, exploratory form of Yoga that infuses elements from Movement Culture and Martial Arts and takes into consideration that each body is different. My aim is for you to leave each Yoga practice feeling like the best version of yourself! I believe that practicing yoga is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, and that anyone can do it. My classes build up gently, step by step, so no matter what your level of experience is you can get the most out of the practice for your mind and body.

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