Breathwork + Meditation

Vibe Studio
at 28/01/2022 10:00-11:00 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Eerste Rozendwarsstraat 10, 1016 PC Amsterdam
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Breathwork + Meditation

Breathwork is a breathing technique during which you continuously inhale and exhale for a certain amount of breaths. After this, when the body is fully oxygenated you hold the breath for a little while. This connective breathing technique is done in a series of three. After this we end our practice with a nice long savasana. 

Benefits: More focus and energy, better sleep, a higher resistance to stress, and a stronger immune system. 

Dutch national pride Wim Hof (a.k.a. The Iceman) has awakened the world to the power of the breath. He has revolutionized the scientific understanding of the workings of our autonomic nervous system, through breathwork and meditation.

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Emily Mulder

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