Yin Yoga

Flink Studio
at 10/11/2019 09:30-10:45 o'clock (75 min)
Address: Jan Tooropstraat 8, 1062BM Amsterdam
Price: 0.00 €
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Indoor class available for 6 spots only!

Due to the circumstances the teacher will stay on her mat and not do any manual adjustments. The class will also be offered online (live) via Zoom for those who cannot join the class at Flink. Don't worry, the camera will be pointed at the teacher only' Yin is a meditative asana practice in which you unwind and relax by connecting yourself more to your authentic self. Yin is the balancing practice of Yang style (all dynamic, strong, fast-paced yoga) working with meridians a.k.a energy channels, targeting the connective tissue.In yin yoga, poses are held longer (3 to 5 minutes) to target the fascia/connective tissue, calm the mind and relax into the pose. All levels!

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I honour and love my people and this earth and my passion lies in our healing, transformation and growth. I am devoted to Great Spirit to guide and help in any way so that I may walk with you to create your heaven on earth by embodying your true and authentic self. This means creating and living a heart-centred life, where you move away from and navigate out of the discord and chaos in your life, and towards what gives you energy. I not only help you navigate your inner realm of your psyche and feeling , but also help you strike balance with your outer realm of action and your body, helping you to become aware of all the different aspects of you to help you take your power back. I help you to process in anything that is blocking your growth, whether that is stress, insomnia, burnout, relationship issues or any form of patterns of self -sabotage. I do this through 1 on 1 coaching, where I come to you or you to my home in Amsterdam, as well as group coaching right here every Sunday. I work with the natural cycles (bringing you back into alignment with your body, phsyche, energy and feelings) and incorporate holistic methods like meditation, trance and journeying as well as aromatherapy, body-movement and aromatherapy and much more. My passion brings me to the healing of the collective feminine hurt, so that I work in close relationship with women. I help women heal, transform and empower themselves though the lost knowledge of Womb-Wisdom, Feminine, Blood and Lunar mysteries. I do this through the powerful practice of Moonlodge. This is an ancient practice of sitting in sacred circle and sharing from the heart. I also incorporate Goddess archetype wisdom, shamanic rituals, tantric practices and yoni healing to help us heal the collective shame, guilt, grief and pain. The Dalai Lama said that “the world will be saved by western women”. I believe by all women, and it begins with nurturing ourselves and each other. So welcome Wise and Wild Sister… Welcome Daughter, Mother and Grandmothers…. All are welcome- even if you have no womb, or you have stopped bleeding …you have an energetic womb and you still ‘bleed’ with the cycles of the Grandmother Moon….

Cancellation conditions

You must book your class in advance. Classes must be cancelled online or via our app no later than 2 hours before the class. If you have trouble with canceling online or via the app you must email us to cancel your class.