Super Flow

Bluebirds Oost
at 26/11/2021 07:30-08:30 o'clock (60 min)
Address: 186 Louise Wentstraat, 1018 MS Amsterdam
Price: from 45.00 €


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De Super Flow les is een Vinyasa practice waarin de houdingen vloeiend in elkaar overlopen in een specifieke volgorde. Er wordt gewerkt aan spierkracht en souplesse. Iedere in- en uitademing wordt gekoppeld aan een beweging, waardoor je meer controle krijgt over de ademhaling en deze verdiept. Concentratie en focus worden getraind, de gezondheid verbetert en de mentale activiteit komt tot rust. De focus komt meer in het lichaam en in het huidige moment.

*This Super Flow class is a Vinyasa practice in which postures flow into each other in a specific order. We work on strength and flexibility. Every in- and outbreath is linked to a movement, which will provide you with more control over your breath and will enable you to deepen your breath. Concentration and focus are being trained, your health will increase and mental activity will slow down. The focus will become more into the body en into the present moment.

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Flavia Larocca
Amidst the chaos of a hectic life moving through 4 countries in 5 years, getting in touch with the yoga practice has responded to a much sought need for grounding and peace, it has represented a home to find within myself wherever I am. Having always been a sporty person, yoga has also opened my eyes to a new way to use my body, breath and mind as a whole, allowing me to achieve a sense of balance and well being that I had never experienced before. I am trained in Ashtanga and Vinyasa and I teach both styles, trying to bring a creative and playful vibe in my classes and always seeking balance: between physical awareness and spiritual purpose, challenge and kindness, cherishing and letting go.*Les: Ashtanga, Vinyasa

Cancellation conditions

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