Vinyasa Yoga (inval English) - ONLINE

Online stream
at 14/01/2021 14:30-15:45 o'clock (75 min)
Price: from 35.00 €
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Dutch and English

Vinyasa Yoga is een dynamische actieve vorm van yoga. Door de vloeiende aaneenschakeling van yogaposes, asana’s, te verbinden met het ritme van de ademhaling, pranayama, ontstaat er een meditatieve flow. Zo ontspant je mentale lichaam, laat je fysieke lichaam eventuele spanningen los en kan je energetische lichaam vrij stromen. Op deze manier creëer je de ruimte om naar binnen te keren en in het hier en nu te zijn.

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Online stream

There is an online stream available for this activity. To participate, take the following steps:

  • This studio uses Zoom as their streaming provider to online stream their activities. Download the according software or app to your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • The access to the online stream is available 15 minutes before the start of the activity. You can find the link for the online stream in your online profile under “My bookings”. With a click on “Join online stream now” you will be forwarded to the corresponding page and you join the activity online!
  • Specific streaming providers, e.g. Zoom, allow participants to see each other through the video camera. If you do not want to show yourself or the personal environment, you can deactivate the camera function or cover the camera. The name you enter when you join the online meeting room will be shown to other participants. However, you can change your name at any time (e.g. only specify the initials).


My yoga journey began by coincidence in 2011, in my living room in London, with online tutorials. And since then, it's love! I started to practice more often, in a studio and at home, discovering that yoga was really helping me, I felt that something was really changing in my life. My attitude towards myself and towards the external world was different, I felt lighter and happier, I was "yoga addicted"! I discovered a new world, yoga is not a sport, it's a way of life! A few years later, 2017, I decided to quit my meaningless job in the event management industry and move to India, not to find myself but to study yoga, deepen my knowledge and to find a meaning in life. I lived there for a few months where I had a fantastic experience, studying traditional Hatha and Ashtanga yoga with extremely knowledgeable yogis and gurus. They inspired me to be a transformer, not a teacher, to share not to teach. I learned yoga asanas, breathing techniques, yoga philosophy, meditation, all most of all I learned to be happy with small things. All these are powerful tools that everyone can use for living a healthy and happy life. I want to share what I have learned and what I will, to make someone else's life happier, even if just a little more.

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