MAT basis/intermediate

Miesko Pilates
at 23/11/2020 09:30-10:30 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Czaar Peterstraat 29, 1018 NX Amsterdam
Price: from 71.00 €


71.00 € / monthAbonnement Mat One  
138.00 € / monthAbonnement Mat Two  
181.00 € / monthAbonnement Combi  


Een geweldige combinatie van oefeningen op de mat die je helpen je centre te vinden om dit vervolgens toe te passen in staande oefeningen. De docenten gebruiken veel visualisaties om je te helpen je lijf te voelen. In deze les word je voortdurend verrast en uitgedaagd met nieuwe bewegingen, nieuw tempo en nieuwe variaties op het de basisprincipes van Pilates.

Wil je een proefles doen? Neem contact met ons op om te kijken of dit de juiste les voor jou is en of er nog plek is.

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Zoë Hofstetter
Zoe was born in England, but subsequently grew up in Chilli. She also spent years in America and Germany. Nowadays she has been in the Netherlands for a number of years and she mainly considers herself Dutch. She studied literature in Scotland but realised that her passion was to move and teach rather than read and become a hermit. The first lesson that Zoe gave was a spinning lesson, but soon her interest in fitness, personal training, yoga, barre, pilates and reformers emerged. She loves to mix and match all of these elements which she has collected in her toolbox so she can bring the best of each area into her trainings. She creates her classes around themes and exercises which she slowly builds up so that the muscles and the mind are ready to perform the peak exercise towards the end of class.

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Annuleringen zijn online mogelijk op Eversports tot 24 uur voor aanvang.