ZhemFit Light

Zhembrovskyy De Pijp
at 15/10/2021 08:00-09:00 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Van Woustraat 149Hs, 1073RX Amsterdam
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ZhemFit Light is the perfect full body low(er) intensity workout!

ZhemFit is a very effective full body workout created by Alexander Zhembrovskyy based on his successful career as a professional ballet dancer. ZhemFit is a workout based on the most fundamental principals of ballet which can help to create a body of a ballet dancer without actually being one. In the ZhemFit classes we work without any equipment. Our students learn how to use their own bodies so that there would be no need for using weights or other sorts of equipment. Teachers will also support students in understanding how to use their bodies in a correct and safe manner, which can then be applied to other physical activities for stronger body functions and to avoid risking injury.

ZhemFit is the class for those who are looking for something above average, something that can bring their body to the higher level and beyond.

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Vince Koffijberg
Vince Koffijberg started working on his career as a professional ballet dancer from the age of 9. He studied for a total of 10 years at the National Ballet Academy and after completing his training, he immediately left to continue his career with the Hong Kong Ballet. Due to an injury, unfortunately he had to make the decision to put an end to his dance career. Having found other passions, he ended up being a teacher and a personal trainer. “I do think once you’re a (professional) ballet dancer, you will always somehow stay connected with the art form. If I’m not in the gym, I will probably spend my time at the gym.” He would describe himself as disciplined, responsible, and a hard worker. “I expect from the clients/dancers/artists that they enjoy every moment of the class. They are in such a safe space, I want them to discover themselves and reach for their ultimate potential. That is all what matters, being the best artist they can be and in the best shape they want to and can be.”

Cancellation conditions

Cancellations can be done via Eversports or the Zhembrovskyy schedule (while being logged in to your account). Cancellations made and confirmed 24H prior to the start of the class are free. Late cancellations after this cancellation window are charged at full price.