Dreamy Flow and Nidra

Karunika Spiritual Center
at 27/07/2022 18:15-19:30 o'clock (75 min)
Address: Meerhuizenplein 11, 1078 TB Amsterdam
Price: 88.00 €
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88.00 € / monthUnlimited Monthly  


Combining gentle vinyasa with yoga nidra, this dreamy class leaves you feeling serene and re-energized as you will release tension not only on a physical, but also on a mental and emotional level. In the first half we will flow through a sequence of poses to soothe the mind and prepare the body to relax. As we move on to the second part of the class, we come lying down in savasana for yoga nidra, also known as the yogic sleep. Letting the voice of the teacher guide you through the practice, you will come to a state between wakefulness and dream. In this state of nidra we can penetrate the subconscious mind, manifest intentions into reality and reach a state of profound relaxation.

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