Relax Flow

Bluebirds West
at 11/06/2021 11:00-12:00 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Jan Evertsenstraat 4, 1056 EC Amsterdam
Price: from 45.00 €


45.00 € / monthDaluren Membership  
69.00 € / monthMonthly Unlimited  


*For English, please see below

Deze relax flow is een ontspannen yoga les. Een langzame flow zorgt ervoor dat je lichaam opwarmt, je flexibeler wordt en fysieke spanning los laat. De flow wordt opgevolgd door restorative poses waarbij je gebruik maakt van props en langer in de houding blijft om optimale ontspanning te ervaren in zowel lichaam en geest. De houdingen worden gecombineerd met ademhalingsoefeningen die stress verminderen.

*This relax flow is a calming yoga class. A slow flow will warm up your body, improve your flexibility and relieve physical tension. The flow will be followed by restorative poses in which you will use props and stay in the posture for longer giving you the opportunity to relax completely in both body and mind. The poses are combined with breathing exercises that reduce stress.

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Erika Hoopes
In Erika's experience, yoga, pilates, and meditation have been healing and transformative. Inspired to share these mind-body awareness practices with others, she completed her comprehensive pilates training in her hometown in California, and spent half a year in Southeast Asia and India to deepen her practice and train to teach yoga and meditation. “As a teacher, I aim to create a space where students can experience mindful movement and intentional stillness while cultivating awareness, strength, balance, curiosity, and appreciation. I hope students will leave class with a smile, renewed, and inspired by a deep connection to the body and soul.”

Cancellation conditions

In our studios we have a 12h cancellation policy. By cancellation less than 12h: - single class/class card; class will be used - memberships; will be noted as late cancel, after 3 late cancels you will not be able to reserve a class in the current month - if you experience Covid-19 symptons outside of this 12h window, call us to cancel your class! Important COVID-19 precautions - Stay home if you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 - Towel is Mandatory (no towel = no props) - Bring your own mat (strongly advised, not mandatory) - Bring your own blanket and sweater (windows are open) - Bring your own water - Come max 10min before class (not earlier!) and min 5min before class - Disinfect your hands upon entry of the studio - Keep 1,5m distance at all times - Mats are numbered. Stay on your mat - Changing rooms & lockers are closed (take as little as possible) - No physical adjustments - Clean your mat and props after use - Use the bathroom as less as possible - Don't place your bike in front of the studio, make it a mindful walk to the studio :)