Restorative & Nidra

Natural Flow Yoga
at 24/06/2021 20:00-21:15 o'clock (75 min)
Address: Lemelerbergweg 32, 1101 AH Amsterdam
Price: 60.00 €


60.00 € / monthUnlimited annual membership  


Restorative & Nidra

Gentle poses are held for longer time, fully supporting the body to experience a sensation of floating. Use this class to soothe the nervous system, rest and restore. The teacher will read light philosophical texts during the restorative poses, and afterwards take you into a guided meditation journey of yoga nidra.

COVID-19 Information

Before visiting us, please make sure to read our Covid Policy at our website:

Special Discount

Natural Flow Yoga offers discount for Students and Stadspas owners.

If you are a student or a Stadspas owner please write us an email in advance to or let the teacher know about it at the first time, when you visit us.

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Anastasia Tchistiakova

Cancellation conditions

You can cancel your reservation online up to 1 hour before the class starts. For late cancellations, please call/whatsapp 0633916175 or email