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Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Shala
On 27/03/2020 08:00 o'clock
Price: 90.00 €


LIVE ONLINE CLASSES ARE ONLY FOR OUR MONTHLY MEMBERS AND OTHER PRODUCT HOLDERS We are in the process of having someone (our dear Dorota, thank you so much) film some Led classes with Mark at the shala, these will be uploaded here: You can follow these videos at your own convenience at any time via the above link. These videos are available for everyone. This will take some time to set up and we will let you know once the first videos are online. We thank you for your patience in this matter and hope that it shouldn’t take too long. You will receive an email from me once the first videos are online. Nowadays, we can live stream and video chat on Facebook Messenger for free! We will go with the video chat option as it allows for Mark to interact with you. All members and class card holders in the group should have received a Facebook friend request from Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Shala, this just makes it easier to add you to the video chat on Messenger. How does it work on Facebook Messenger? · We can host up to 5 people per online class and we can share a screen, you will be able to see Mark and the other students and they will be able to see you · We will have two Ashtanga Led into Mysore classes every morning from 08.00 to 09.00 and 09.30 to 10.30 · Please book online as you would any class, Mark will import the list to Messenger every morning and group call you · This is not like Mysore. Ashtanga-Led-into-Mysore means Mark will start by leading the class through Surya Namaskar A to set the rhythm and then you continue at your own pace. This means if you sign up for 08.00 for example, then you have to be online on time. Once everyone is online we will begin · Mark will let you know when you are coming to the last 15 minutes of the class so that you can proceed with backbends and the finishing sequence, he will explain more via the video chat how he will work with you. REMEMBER: the last three poses are the purpose of the practice and can not be missed or ignored. Do not skip Savasana either (corpse pose, the final resting pose), it is important to allow your body and internal organs to relax and absorb the practice. Whatever you do, please respect the practice and finish with the last three asanas and Savasana. · Online classes begin Thursday 19th March at 08.00 in the morning · Online classes take place Sunday to Friday · On Tuesday 24 March is New Moon, as usual no practice. We will have one meditation class online from 08.00 - 09.00

Online stream

There is an online stream available for this activity. To participate, take the following steps:

  • Make sure to read the description of your booked activity in advance to know which streaming provider your studio uses for online streaming. Commonly used tools are e.g. Zoom, Youtube Livestream, Skype, Hangouts, etc. If necessary, download the needed software to your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • The access to the online stream is available 15 minutes before the start of the activity. You can find the link for the online stream in your online profile under “My bookings / activities”. With a click on “Now to the online stream” you will be forwarded to the corresponding page and you join the activity online!
  • All participants are able to see the video transmission of other participants. If you do not want to show yourself or the personal environment in which you take part in the online class, you can deactivate the camera function or cover the camera. The name you enter when you join the online meeting room will be shown to other participants. However, you can change your name at any time (e.g. only specify the initials).




  • AV - Monthly Membership • 90.00 € / month

Cancellation conditions

Annuleringen zijn online mogelijk op Eversports tot 24 uur voor aanvang.