Pilates with Props - beginner

Studio 205
On 09/24/2019 09:30 o'clock
Address: Zamenhofstraat 112, 1022 AG Amsterdam
Price: from 17.00 €


Pilates teaches us to be better movers and how to work smarter and not harder. With this intention, Pilates perfectly compliments yoga, sports, dance and day to day living by teaching us to be more effective and efficient movers. And for those struggling with injuries, the strength and awareness gained with a Pilates practice is unparalleled in it's healing capabilities. In the Pilates with props lessons, we are working to develop strength and awareness, increase mobility and flexibility, and improve posture and coordination with the aid of rollers, therabands and balls.



  • Single Class • 17.00 €
  • Single ticket • 17.00 €
  • Newcomer Card • 18.00 €
  • 5 x lesson card • 70.00 €
  • 10 x lesson card • 128.00 €

Cancellation conditions

Annuleringen zijn online mogelijk op Eversports tot 24 uur voor aanvang.