Hot Aroma Flow & Yin

Hot Flow Yoga Jordaan
at 22/11/2020 19:30-20:30 o'clock (60 min)
Address: 489 Prinsengracht, 1016 HP Amsterdam
Price: 0.00 €


Let's do Aroma & Relax Flow, but due to COVID-19 there are NO studio mats available! Please bring your own clean Mat and Towel. Sorry No Showers available. 8 hour cancellation window Please wear Face mask

This 60 min flow is heated to 33 degrees. Join us for a wonderfully grounding slow flow to deepen your breath and harmonise your senses with specially selected aromatherapy oils. Your sense of smell is directly related to different parts of your brain that regulate your memory, emotions, hormones, which can be a powerful pathway for transformation, connection and remaining present in your practise.

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Emma van Kooten

Cancellation conditions

please honor our 8 hour cancellation window. A no-show will incur late cancellation fee of a single ticket