Pre/Postnatal Yoga Flow (Iryna)

Studio Balance
at 28/10/2021 17:00-18:00 o'clock (60 min)
Address: Rijnstraat 63h, 1079GW Amsterdam
Price: from 81.50 €


81.50 € / monthUnlimited Yearly  
89.00 € / monthUnlimited Monthly Membership  


Prenatal Yoga Flow combines a flow of prenatal yoga postures with connection to yourself and your baby with deep breathing preparing you for giving birth.

We will integrate deep prenatal breathing into every posture and will move from and with your breath, in harmony with your baby.

You will enjoy a continuous flow of gentle prenatal stretches and postures focusing on opening your hips, releasing lower back tension and creating more space in your shoulders and chest.

We will finish with a final relaxation and meditation - taking you on a journey of rest and recovery with your baby.

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Cancellation conditions

Students can cancel their booking until 6 hours before the Class starts. The Student can only cancel through the Website or the Eversports App.