Power Yoga

Studio Infinity
On 09/12/2019 18:15 o'clock
Address: Kerkstraat 393, 1017 HX Amsterdam
Price: 15.00 €


This class combines the fluid movements with a number of advanced Asanas. Increase your stamina, stretch and strengthen your muscles, detoxifying your body.

Manuela Toro
Manuela. She was born in Venezuela. Yes, you can also speak to her in Spanish :)  She's an introvert who loves to read. She loves art and chemistry in equal measures. Movement has always been a part of her life: first a dancer, then a dance teacher, now a yoga teacher. She finds the bridge between mind, body and emotion to be the most fascinating thing about the yoga practice. She believes we should all take ourselves less seriously.


  • Single ticket • 15.00 €

Cancellation conditions

Cancelation Policy: 4 hours before the class